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Our 100% organic pram pillow is made from pure GOTS certified organic cotton and filled with 100% pure organic KAPOK. It is designed to provide optimal ergonomic support for babies who can sit by them selves and our KAPOK pram pillow is much firmer than average, which means that your baby will have the correct support to sit well in the pram / stroller.

We have chosen to fill it with kapok which means that besides from being 100% natural and sustainable, it is furthermore allergy friendly, temperature regulating and antibacterial. Perfect for your baby! 

Our design is made so the pillow is very flexible, which means it fits ALL types of prams and strollers (both small, combi and larger prams).  

To maintain the kapok inside the pram pillow, you can tumble dry the pillow on medium heat which will make the kapok more fluffy and firm.